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1 Mile was rock that brings the story of many to light. This Stockton, California based trio, is a culmination of three musician’s quest to explore the meaning of life and death through their original music.

Coming from all walks of life, each member brought with them, and introduces an influence of cultural diversity to the band. Bassist and lead vocalist, Thomas “Teejay” Joel, is a passionate German immigrant with a love for the pop music. Drummer, Jose Luis Aguilar, is a formally trained percussionist from Mexico City. And finally, guitarist, Brian Rigg is the genuine American rocker of the band. Although 1 Mile’s music appears to be straightforward rock and roll, with a glistening of post-alternative and post-metal flavors, hints of the band’s diversity appear throughout.

1 Mile rehearsed diligently in their studio on the Miracle Mile of Stockton and always looks forward to delivering the story to audiences around the country with a 45-minute, 8-song set list. After the release of its debut 4-song CD, 1 Mile is beginning to generate the interest of music fans abroad, giving the band great hope for its future.

Jose Luis Aguilar: Drums

Thomas “Teejay” Joel: Song Writer, Bassist, and Lead Vocalist

Brian Rigg: Song Writer, Guitarist, and Backing Vocalist

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Performance Art, Music, Enterainment


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