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I met Jonathan Sola shortly after setting up shop in Los Angeles in 1998 when I offered 10-free websites to creatives. It was a campaign to get into the "who you know" game.  Jonathan was referred to me by my first LA client, Craig Stephens, a writer for various art magazines around town. 

Jonathan, a musician, sound designer and effects techician, worked as a assistant to Travis Powers, sound effects and designer for the Simpsons and Futurama.  On the side he was all about getting involved in the Dot-Com boom.

Thanks to another Stephens referral, I connected with fine artist, Jeremy Kidd. Initially Jeremy wanted to learn how to build a website to promote his artwork.  After enjoying countless long-hours learning new technology, he wanted take on other projects with me at his side. In the summer of 1999, we formed an LLC under the name of Digidome Designs.

Togther we pooled our technological, artistical, and audio design capabilities, we created an award-winning website for Jonathan's new company, Auralstimuli.  

Developed using Macromedia Flash, we created a fast-loading, animated, and interactive website. Featuring a retro-design using virtual dials, found on musical instruments, which allow visitors to navigate, trigger video and audio files, and play a multi-channel virtual keyboard. 

The website launch in 2000 drawing immedite attention from everyone audio and web design industry.  The website received a four out of four star review from the magazine InternetAudio – January 2001 issue.

It also drew the attentio of Ave Pildas, then director of the Otis College of Art and Design, who in return offered Jeremy and I teaching positions on campus. Jeremy would teach fine art & design, while I taught online media, specifically Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Flash applications. 

What fun this all was. 

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Sound Design, Audio Recording, Music, Creatives


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Jonathan Sola Wareham

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