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Karen was referred to me by Anthony Nex. At the time Karen was running an email list company called Fresh Lists. After a few years of working together, she embarked on a dream to open a Danish pastry shop in Culver City. 

With the opening of Copenhagen Pastry, owner Karen Hansen fulfilled her goal of bringing the very best, authentic Danish pastries to Culver City, greater Los Angeles, and the California Southland. Karen Hansen delights in providing customers with a true taste of Danish pastries like the ones she remembers from her childhood in Denmark.

IAMTEEJAY built several versions of her site over the years, which sold her pastries for pick-up, delivery, and catering.  However, our true success came when we took advantage of  Wix's Restaurant App and Branded App services. 

Starting with the Restaurant App, which streamlined layouts and the ordering process for the mobile environment, we were able to double up on orders. Once that service matured, we worked with Wix to brand their Dine App, which integrates the restaurant and website into one. Applying Copenhagen Pastries brand to the app, it now can be downloaded at Apple and Google Play for use on a phone or tablet. 

Now that the app is branded and available for download, more and more of Copenhagen Pastries' customers are ordering their favorites regularly, and sales have now quadrupled since we upgraded.

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Food & Beverage, Retail


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Karen Hansen, Fresh List

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Karen Hansen

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Copenhagen Pastry

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