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Diane has been adding her artistic touch to food for more than 30 years. Her work can be seen on television, Instagram, packages, and hanging in your favorite coffee shop. “The best part of my job is mixing up the tempo of each day. Video tends to be a lot of food very quickly, while print requires attention to the smallest detail. I love having the mix of experiences,” she says, “It is also great to have location jobs, when the kitchen is on a truck, but we are out in the sunshine.” Not only does she enjoy styling food but also writing about it.

Diane has extensive experience in developing recipes and ideas for food clients. Some of her favorite work includes creating new ways for clients to expand usage of already existing products, like noodles or berries. Collaboration with R&D and creative teams keeps her interested in food trends and in touch with clients’ concerns.

An admitted foodie, Diane also enjoys tasting new foods and discovering foods of foreign destinations. Her home kitchen is a culinary laboratory where food not only nourishes, but satisfies a curious palate. She incorporates her love of cooking for family and friends with her knowledge of the farmer’s market and joy in the kitchen.

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Diane Elander

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Diane Elander - Food Stylist
Diane Elander - Food Stylist

Diane Elander - Food Stylist

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