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Jennifer Dion has worked as a Professional Organizer, Interior Decorator/Restylist and Home Renovator since 2005. She has helped 100’s of clients with Decluttering/Sorting and Organizing their homes.

Jennifer  wanted to work with a local business and discovered me while doing a Google search. Her LA-style was a match with my creative approach to website design.

She loves having the ability to create beautiful furniture arrangements with gorgeous aesthetics that will capture the eye of potential buyers as soon as they walk through the door. She incorporates the latest design trends to update spaces in homes that are currently lived in or vacant during the selling process.

Sacramento, CA, USA

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More details coming soon! Need print or website design, development, and or marketing? 

Design, Home Decor, Creatives, Real Estate


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Jennifer Dion

Happy Home Stagers and Design

Happy Home Stagers and Design
Happy Home Stagers and Design
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