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In 2004 we moved our studios from Playa de Rey to Stockton, California and when in Stockton, become a Stocktonian.  After opening studio on Stockton's Miracle Mile in 2004, we could not avoid being a part of its improvement. 

Once the gem of Stockton for busines, community and entertainment, the stretch of Pacific Avenue was suffering from severe blight. Half of the retail and restaurant spaces were vacant, the street was in disrepair, and crime was on the rise. 

The Mircale Mile Improvement Association (now Miracle Mile Improvement District)  was established in attempt to revitalize the community and bring business and entertainment back to The Mile.  

We met Bill Berlin, owner of Flashback Photography, through Stockton Chamber of Commerce.  He co-headed up the association in its early days, and encourage us to get involved in the revitalization the Miracle Mile.  Over the next four years we would provide art direction, graphic design, web development and online marketing services to, not just the MMIA, but also over 30 businesses that operated on The Mile. 

Projects included Holiday Strolls, Brubeck Jazz Festivals, Auto Shows, and even the San Joaquin Asparugus Festivals. 

Slowly, the traffic and business increased and by the time we left to move our studios to Sacramento, the occupancy rate was at about 95%.  

Even today, we still have several clients that come to use for services. 

Thank you for all you have done for us, and may you rest in peace. 

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