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IAMTEEJAY launched a website for race car driver Joey Andrews, aka "The Stiglette," son of Donna Wittlin, a long-time client of mine.

Donna and I have collaborated on several projects over the years, including developing and designing Donna Wittlin Studio, but this was a different type of project for us...this is the son we are talking about!

Together we crafted the site, loosely basing it off of Formula 1 race car driver Oscar Piastri's website design and functionality, all while Joey was in the process of graduating from high school and racing on weekends.

We launched the site during "The Stiglette's" final race of the season with great enthusiasm and success at the track.

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Automotive, Racing


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Donna Wittlin

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Donna Wittlin

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The Stiglette
The Stiglette

The Stiglette

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