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Options As A Strategic Investment 5th Edition 12 2022 [New]




pdf is an easily-navigable read that will leave you feeling like a strategy genius. David F. Theoharris has graciously given us his book for free, but I should note that this book is not for the lazy or weak-willed. I have purposely left out the usual author/copyright info because if you read the back cover or Kindle summary, you can find where you can purchase your own copy, online or at a bookstore. No, I don’t mean the book will help you sell anything but I’m sure it will at least help you think smarter and save a few bucks when it comes to anything that you can invest in. “Options as a Strategic Investment” is an outline of how to think about investment options, a tutorial on pricing (yes, we have pricing), an introduction to Black-Scholes, and “a complete and thorough coverage of how to build and execute a successful Options-Based Strategy.” In a nutshell, “Options as a Strategic Investment” covers seven chapters, each of which focuses on a different aspect of options. Chapter 1, “Introduction to Options,” covers a brief introduction to options. Then the book goes into more detail in Chapter 2, “Developing an Investment Strategy.” This chapter covers basic investment strategy and then dives right into the individual aspects of investment strategy that are covered in this book. Chapter 3, “Understanding Pricing,” discusses how to price options. Chapter 4, “The Trading Decision,” is probably the most educational chapter. It dives into the challenges of the trading decision, covering things such as how to obtain information to make your decision, a glossary of the often-used terms, and even some math to help you understand what all this might be saying. Chapter 5, “Exercise and Expiry,” looks at how to price options, how to interpret the various prices, and how to make the right decisions when you need to exercise or let expiration run out. Chapter 6, “Selling,” discusses how to sell an option. And finally, Chapter 7, “Building a Long-Term Strategy,” talks about the various ways you can build a long-term strategy around options. I have always been fascinated by options. I started out with what was then called options trading but quickly got into options trading and options portfolio management, all of which are discussed




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Options As A Strategic Investment 5th Edition 12 2022 [New]
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