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Digital Animation

IAMTEEJAY produces animations for websites, online advertising, film, and television.

We got our start working with Macromedia’s Flash application in 1998 and by 2000, where we were creating full-blown websites, digital ads, digital greeting cards, and online games.

Because of his expertise in animation, Thomas “Teejay” Joel was recruited by the Otis Institute of Art and Design in Los Angeles, to teach an online media course, with a focus on Macromedia's Flash and Dreamweaver applications.

In 2007, Apple killed the plugin that handles the Flash SWF file for use on their iOS on the first generation of the iPhone.  It was the beginning of the end.

Over the next 5 years, we redirected our attention to utilizing CSS to drive animation on websites, at a smaller scale, but all other digital animation efforts ceased.

Today, we focus on designing, animating, storyboarding and developing digital animation for online marketing and short animations to liven up sites with Adobe Animate. By integrating graphic design, illustration, and programming skills, we aim to keep the animation, eye-catching, impactful, and most of all, fast-loading.

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Movement entertains, but purpose captures attention. Animations for websites, online advertising, film and television serve purpose.

Digital Animation

Digital Animation


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