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Search Engine Optimization

IAMTEEJAY optimizes the site's metadata on all the pages, images, links, and blog posts.

Search engines are more intuitive than ever and the truth matters. What is said, how things are named, and being on topic measures the level of success and visibility a website will have in search engines.

Poor choices of keywords will prevent customers from finding a business online through a search query. Ignoring meta-data for site, pages, photos, video, and even links could give your competition the edge.

When we develop a site, we become intimately familiar with the makeup of the business, and with the help of SEO tools at website builders, we aim to help search engines, customers, and even the disabled completely understand what the site represents and who needs to see it.

What does your metadata say?

We can help you with your project. 

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What is your business all about? Search engines, those with disabilities, and your future customers would like to know.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


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