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A Website to Place Public Sector Executives and Leaders in Communities that Need Them

Greg Nelson, Shari Noblett, and Bryan Noblett

Although I finished this site a few years ago, it deserves mention as it has served the client effectively.

Back in 1997, while still residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, I designed, developed, and maintained a job placement site called Its intent was to promote artists and graphic and web designers, myself included, seeking employment and contract work during the boom.

Due to the infantile nature of the Internet, it took a lot of work to create, maintain, and market such a site with a sizable budget. Keeping the site a boutique-style service, I did place a few sound, web, and graphic designers in the market, but I was unable to sustain it and compete with the job placement sites that would enter the scene over the next decade.

Adjusting to 25 Years of Changes to Public Sector Job Placement Industry Online

Fast forward 25 years, and here I have Mosaic Public Partners, who bring higher levels of innovation and client collaboration to the tried-and-true principles of executive search. Using private sector technologies and search methodologies squarely within the constraints of the public sector allows us to deliver an improved client experience and better results.

As seasoned public sector executives, they hold a profound respect for the work of public agencies. The true passion lies in placing today’s public leaders, a commitment that enables public agencies to deliver exemplary leadership to their constituents.

Promoting Open Positions, Finding Candidates, and Connecting Them with the Employer

Sheri Noblett, my point person for Mosaic Public Partners, has had an aggressive approach to ensure they align suitable candidates with the right opportunities, helping their clients build effective teams that serve their communities. Being a small company, they value their professional relationships within the public sector and the executives seeking to further their careers.

Sheri and her staff update the site using CMS when a position becomes available. Once listed, she promotes the new position with a blog post that she then sends a link to all the site’s subscribers to watch their Career board with an email blast.

Additionally, Sheri shares the blog post across all their and other partner social media outlets.

Then, when the position is filled, they promote the new hire and the position that was filled to promote the success of their efforts to place executives and leaders in private section positions. 

This gives the appearance that Mosaic Public Partners is intimately engaged with the placement process, every step of the way, and not just another listing that disappears when filled.

CMS That Handles More than Outgoing and Incoming Data

The CMS at Mosaic Public Partners isn't just for display purposes; it also serves as a collection point for incoming candidates, their vital information, cover letters, and resumes. This data storage allows the staff at Mosaic to efficiently collect and prepare the materials for their public sector partners.

There is so much more the site can do, but for now, it seems compelling enough for Mosaic Public Partners—a simple site using simple tools that allow a small company to promote a significant service.


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