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Fill My Summer Website Sale

Main in swim wear and sun glasses, with air tube and computer

Sale ends June 30th, 2023!

From time to time, I have a sale offering amazing rates to design, develop and launch a new website or simply redesign and update an existing website one.

I do this to fill calendar and keep myself and staff busy for the summer, meet new clients, and to fill the gaps that big projects leave while their staff is frequently at the beach and unavailable.

SALE OFFER: 10 New Marketing Website or Website Redesign Projects at $800/each

For New Sites

Includes the following services on the Wix platform:

  • Design study

  • Design and content implementation

  • 10-static pages

  • 3-dynamic page templates connected to 3 content collections

  • 1-form

  • Fully optimized site pages and content

  • Domain name assignment

  • Submission to Google and Bing search engines

  • 1-hour of admin and editor training

  • 1-hour of admin and editor support each month for the duration of the hosting subscription

Wix services include

  • Site editor

  • Content management system utilizing collections and databases

  • Form data collection tables

  • Customer recognition management

  • Email marketing

  • On-site marketing, analytics and reporting tools

  • SSL Certificate with hosting subscription

Hosting rates are available for as low as $17/month.

Larger sites with more content management system requirements and sites with e-commerce and gateway needs maybe subject to additional and at a scaleable fee.

For Existing Site to Update and Redesign *

Includes the following services:

  • Design study

  • Design and content implementation

* Offer good only until after review of existing site, the platform used to drive it, and additional needs that are required.

REFER SOMEONE: Receive a 20% commission of the initial invoice as credit towards your project or 10% cash payment.

Sale ends June 30th, 2023!



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