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Website for a Race Car Driver: The Stiglette

Just launched a website for race car driver Joey Andrews, aka "The Stiglette," son of Donna Wittlin, a long-time client of mine.

Donna and I have collaborated on several projects over the years, including developing and designing Donna Wittlin Studio, but this was a different type of project for us...this is her son we are talking about!

Together Donna and I crafted the site, loosely basing it off of Formula 1 race car driver Oscar Piastri's website design and functionality, all while Joey was in the process of graduating from high school and racing on weekends.

We launched the site during "The Stiglette's" final race of the season with great enthusiasm and success at the track.

Miata #789 on the race track

Why a Website for a Race Car Driver?

After racing in karting for the last 4 years, in 2023 Joey Andrews made the step up to cars driving a Spec Miata for Hicks Motorsports in the NASA Teen Mazda Challenge.

With this move "The Stiglette" needed professional website to entertain his ever-growing fan base, and appeal to potential sponsors and partners in the racing world.

His social media, live feeds from the track, and race reports complete with stats, photos, and videos, all needed to be uploaded, fed and streamed onto his site. It was essential that his team could update, edit, and manage his content from the track with ease.

Built on Wix EditorX

We built his site on the Wix EditorX platform utilizing their robust collection of tools to manage content and market the site. His race reports and articles are all driven by a Content Manager, he collects contact information through a CRM, and markets to them using the onboard Email Marketing service.

In the next few months, we will be adding a few more tools for him to stream his races through his YouTube Channel directly on to his site, and connect with his audience through a racing forum.

Want a Site Like This?

Contact me soon, as I have a "Fill My Summer" special where I am practically giving away 10-website projects this summer for the full price of $800. Restrictions may apply, so read more here.


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