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Website Maintenance

IAMTEEJAY maintains sites under contract and work order requests.

Aside from the simple, brochure-stye websites, most sites need regular maintenance. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with adequate training to be able to maintain their sites with ease. Additionally, we are known for providing ongoing support for the life of their website.

Whether, you need a simple site-wide update to phone number or email, or you have workflows that generate fresh content every month, we have a plan for you. If it is broken, I can fix it or at least provide a solution to get your site back up and selling.

Offering hourly, monthly, and annual maintenance packages, bringing the rates down to an hourly rate that may be less expensive than what an employee is paid.

What's broken on your site?

We can help you with your project. 

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When business owners are too busy attending to business, we are here to maintain sites under contracts and work order requests.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


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