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Business Card Design

IAMTEEJAY designs business cards for individuals, non-profits, associations, and corporations.

The business card, also known as a calling card, has changed over the years. No longer a piece of paper with name, address, number, email, and website address, it can also include dynamic bar codes, QR codes, and other graphic visuals that help direct clients to websites, apps, v-cards, and other downloads upon scan by hand-held devices.

The business card is no longer just a piece of paper, that is printed on two sides, it can also be laminated, stuck, magnetized, and even ironed on.

Regardless of what's on it, it still needs to be designed.

What type of calling card would you like to have?

We can help you with your project. 

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Want to make an impression by those you meet? A well-design calling card is a great way to be remembered when networking.

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

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