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Advertising Design

IAMTEEJAY designs advertising intended for print, digital, and digital animation for individuals, non-profits, associations, and corporations.

We got our start designing advertising for musicians on our Site 51 record label, designing flyers, posters, merchandise, and ads in local rags to promote their concerts, album releases, and tour dates.

After moving our studio to Los Angeles, we designed ads for other designers, ad agencies, artists, and more well-known musicians. Making a flyer for the late 70s British punk band The Automatics' re-release of their album "Playing with the Radio On", and an animated webpage for the British synth-pop band Shriekback, promoting their new album "Cormorant."

Many of our ads have been featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, and even on the radio.

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Designing ads for printed and digital media in static, dynamic and animated fashion.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design


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