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Email Template Design

IAMTEEJAY provides services to set up an account, email marketing services, mailing list, collect content, design the email template, schedule the email blast, send it out, analyze the open, click through, and other stats, and report it

With email servers scrutinizing everything that passes through their systems, it is very important to have the domain name verified, subscribers double-opted in, and send both text-only emails aside with your HTML-rich email blasts.

We value the reporting as it is an indicator of how audiences are viewing, acting on, and responding to an email blast. We also value keeping it short and sweet, ending it with a call to action clients can not resist.

Email marketing helps draw customers to the site, driving up traffic, and elevating rank on search engines. However, it’s important to be selective on your message, remain frequent, but not too frequent on deliveries, and not overload the message with too much text or use images that take too long to load.

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With hundreds of emails passing through the inbox, a well designed email will stand out and catch the eyes of customers.

Email Template Design

Email Template Design


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